The Good and The Bad about Your Credit Score

The Good and The Bad about Your Credit Score

These days most people think that if they do not charge much and make the payment as required that there credit rating will be just what everybody has wanted when it comes to good credit. That is not always the case according to some of the people that actually have something to do with the scoring.

The scoring is usually based on a number from 300 to 850. And when you try to get low-cost credit there’s a good way and a bad way. A lot of people including your cell phone provider use this score to dictate how much money you have to dish out to them to receive there services. The thing to do is use the rules to your advantage.

Do not let anyone tell you that a short credit file is the best way to go. This sometimes does not give the creditor the long-term payment schedule that they want to see. The longer you have paid on something for a long period of time tells the creditor that you are a stable payer.

Such things as a loan paid back in installments or a loan for a car will sometimes give the creditor a better outlook on your file. Make sure the payments are kept up to date. Be careful not to apply for to many cards because your overall score can be damaged by all the inquiries you have made in a short period of time.

To exceed 30% or more of your balance in reference to how much you can charge could be a bad thing. Creditors look at your balance and compare it with your limit. Paying in full is also sometimes not the good thing to do. You would not want to look like you are biting of more than you can chew. If your large purchase appears before you large payment, no luck for you. Timing is also very important to creditors. Make all you large purchases at least sixty days after applying for a loan.

Debt consolidation is also not always the best answer to the problem. In some cases, your limit lowers and your score is affected in a bad way. One way to solve this is to try to pay of the highest card with a bank loan and your revolving debt will no longer exist. Be sure to make sure that the rate is lower than the credit card or you will be defeating the purpose, credit unions are a good way to do this. Just remember that one thirty-day late payment can drastically hurt your credit. The more payments you make on different things and on time for a long period of time the better credit rating you will have.

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